The Albert Camus Rebelliously Evolving Blogpost

This blogpost was made to celebrate the uploading of Geoff Dyer's talk on Albert Camus on to Culturethèque.
This is the blogpost:
This week I will be writing just one blogpost - this one - and adding a new Camus link to it daily.
Contents: Camus' entire oeuvre in free, downloadable ebook form / In Our Time radio show on Camus / audioplay adaptations of two of Camus' works / a thematically linked song.

This section has been removed due to a concern about copyright. Any help on the subject of the copyright of all of Camus' work in the UK is welcome.
I realise the absurdity that the texts are available online, and that with internet, the fact that copyright laws vary from country to country loses meaning, but perhaps the comments section is the better place to debate copyright and Digital Rights Management.

I love In Our Time. I enjoy Melvyn blagging his way through conversation with people who know more ("hang on, could you just explain that, because I think there's something interesting there... indeed but could you give three precise examples"). I love hating how he lets the non-Oxbridge folk introduce the context but only lets the Oxbridge folk present arguments. And I love learning stuff from resentful and/or passionate academics. But here's an In Our Time on Albert Camus, three-quarters of an hour of pure knowledge. Also, Melvyn is an excellent name.

Here is a link to a public domain audio version of Les Justes in French (if you want to download them). If you prefer online streaming, this is your biscuit:

And a bonus link to a radio adaptation of L'Étranger, too, to apologise for not blogging yesterday.

Here's a link to The Cure's subtle song of Camus references, Killing An Arab.

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I believe it to be the case that it is illegal to download the Camus texts outside Canada in countries such as the UK or France where the author needs to be have died more than 70 years ago. Worth checking but if it is the case I don't think an official French site should be encouraging people to download! I don't know who the beneficiary of the royalties is (Camus's daughter?) but she might have something to say about it.

It's better to be careful, just in case! We have removed the link for the time being.