French Fiction Review: Mon sommeil sera paisible, by Alain Absire

Thu, 18 Sep 2014

Just how incorruptible was Maxime Robespierre, one of the key figures in the French Revolution and the “soul of the Terror” himself? Famously impervious to the temptations of alcohol and women, and steadfast in his adherence to his political creed, Mon sommeil sera paisible sees him simultaneously attracted to and repelled by a young woman, Marie, who he tries to use for his own propagandist ends.

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L'écume des jours

Boris Vian

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ISBN: 9782356411440

Date: 2009

The protagonist, Colin, is a wealthy young man with a resourceful and stylish man-servant, Nicolas, and a healthy supply of doublezoons. With dizzying speed, Colin meets and weds Chloe in a grand ceremony. Generously, Colin bequeaths a quarter of his fortune to his friends Chick and Alise so they too may marry.

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